It doesn’t seem right to let the girl choose me. I would rather choose the girl I devote myself to. 

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these outfits are my end


Tilt and balance.

Back when I first started drawing them in 2011, the Keeper had antlers and the spellmaker had horns. I’d phased them out by 2012 because I kept thinking about how uncomfortable it would be for them to sleep lying down. Their current antler/horn-less states are more mundane, but I sleep better knowing they also sleep better.



I also saw a beige/brown crow yesterday it was very fascinating!! hope you like this one as well :>

companion piece


These freaking adorable dorks.  Makishima sees the Black Manyu and instantly is like, oh man, gotta trade with Imaizumi so I can give that to Onoda.  And then his embarrassed little smile at Onoda’s excitement.  Their cuteness is going to kill me some day.


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Haikyuu back view postcard series…BECAUSE I CAN/is piaked

Nah, i did it for the inktober thingy. then as i continued drawing the rest of the team, now i have 5.

Tsukishima? pffft, he’s day 7. will post him in my FB artpage i guess. took ages to figure out what to draw for that yandere megane (oi www


Painting of Amaterasu



Aside from Utena’s determination to meet Anthy, what must drive both these girls now is Anthy’s courage. Because now she really must make a choice: to stay locked in her coffin forever, used and abused by her brother in an illusion of safety, forever apart from Utena, or to brave the unexpected with Utena at her side?

Ultimately, she makes the choice to be strong, not because she is any less scared of what will happen once she takes Utena’s hand, shown by her hesitation even in her decision, but because Utena has been her strength before, and promises to do so again. Because Utena has risked it all to give Anthy this choice, is still risking the wrath of the swords above her, and because Anthy knows that Utena will always risk it all for Anthy, because Anthy can see her own worth reflected in Utena’s eyes.